Summer Veggie Garden

For the past 3 years, Andrew and I  Andrew has planted a garden of veggies. I absolutely love flowers and plants but my green thumb isn’t so great so I’ve left this up to him. Our first year, we planted, I kid you not, 36 tomato plants. What does one do with all those tomatoes? I actually don’t know because half of them died within a few weeks but needless to say, we’ve scaled back. This year we stuck to a few tomato plants, zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce. I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed they all make it.


The garden itself is pretty basic to make. We first did our layout, stripped the sod, and then put the PT wood down. Ours is 8×12 so Andrew got pieces of 6×6 pressured treated wood and put them together by 12 inch TimberLoc screws. We cleared out the roots and stones, added some dirt and manure and there you go! We added the fencing around the garden because last year we had little critters try to steal our produce.

We try to water the garden every day unless it rains to keep everything hydrated. I can’t wait to bring Natalie over when some veggies start popping up. She LOVES vegetables so she’ll be excited to see where they come from!


And while Andrew tends to the garden…I’ll be over here admiring my flowers from the Hope Street farmer’s market we went to this past Saturday in Providence.


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