Surprise! Baby # 2 is on the way!

At the end of July, Andrew and I were so happy to find out we were pregnant with baby #2! Once the blood test confirmed it, I surprised him by getting cupcakes from a local bakery and having them write out “We are Pregnant!”. I couldn’t wait for our first appointment to find out the due date. I was thinking sometime at the end of March but wasn’t exactly sure. The sonogram tech measured the baby and she goes….looks like the due date will be April 2nd! 5 days before Natalie’s 2nd birthday. We could have two under two…help hooray.

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

We told our parents by Natalie either having a “I’m the Big Sister” shirt on or by giving them the book “I’m a Big Sister“. My mom cried happy tears, twice. They all were quite surprised!


We’ve told Natalie quite a few times but whenever I point and say there’s a baby in mommy’s belly, her response is “belly button”. I think she’ll start understanding when my belly gets bigger or when the baby makes its word debut.

I am officially 12 weeks today!

Baby’s size: Apricot
Feeling: Tired but good!
Food love: all my normal stuff but loving any carbs right now
Food hate: I don’t really hate anything but I don’t prefer chicken right now
Gender: You’ll find out soon!
Miss anything: Sandwiches with deli meat :/ and more than 1 cup of coffee!
Looking forward to: shopping for baby L!


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