It’s a…..

It’s a GIRL! Baby number 2 is a girl! We are so excited for Natalie to have a baby sister. I always wanted a sister growing up and I’m happy that she will get that experience. I kind of had a feeling it was a girl from the morning all day sickness I had for the first 10 weeks but then part of me thought it was a boy. I actually found out over the phone at 11 weeks since I did the blood test and couldn’t wait to surprise Andrew. I decorated our living room with pink streamers and balloons. He was half surprised, half not since all of his cousins have had/are having girls!


We told our parents by having them use confetti poppers. The pink confetti actually looked more purple so something of them were confused as it came out since most thought it was a boy!

I’ve begun looking for nursery inspiration and can’t wait to get everything all set for our little girl. I’ll blog more about the nursery once I begin decorating! Any suggestions?

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