Halloween Decorations & Pumpkin Patch Fun

This weekend we visited a local farm where we went apple and pumpkin picking! Natalie loves apple picking and I think a lot of it has to do with her love of eating apples. She was so excited to venture in the pumpkin patch and kept yelling “pupins pupins” .


I can’t wait until we carve our pumpkins and light them at night to show Natalie. I think we are going to do an Elmo pumpkin for her since she is currently obsessed with Sesame Street right now.


Andrew and I talked and we really want to get Halloween decorations this year. We typically just decorate with Fall items but I think having Natalie has made us really want to embrace the holiday. I think I am going to DIY decorations and below are some ideas that I have!

Wall of Bats | Click Pic for 27 DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas for Kids | Easy Halloween Party Decor Ideas for Kids

I think I’m going to grab black poster paper at the store and use a template from online to cut these out!


Another very easy decoration to duplicate for Halloween! Get your ghost on! www.therapyforyourchild.com

It seems like I just need a lot of tissues, string, and a black permanent marker for this decoration…easy peasy!

I created this paper plate black cat for kids because as far as Halloween characters go, I think the black cat is commonly overlooked. Free pattern!

Whenever Natalie sees a cat she will continuously meow so I think she will especially like these ones!

I’ll definitely post pictures once I make and put these up. Do you usually decorate for Halloween? If so, share how!

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