Halloween Festivities


I hope everyone had a magical Halloween! This was Natalie’s 2nd Halloween but it was almost as if it were her first because last year she was only 6 months. I knew I wanted to dress her as Harry Potter and we practiced saying his names about 100 times. She actually wore her glasses for more than 2 minutes which gave me a chance to snap some pictures!



She started her day off at school where we dropped off goodie bags and munchkins for all of her classmates. I couldn’t wait to pick her up so we could have a quick bite and head out to trick or treat. She absolutely LOVED it. She was a little shy with saying trick or treat but completely opposite when it came to grabbing the candy (she grabbed some for mama the baby of course!) I can’t wait until next year when we will have TWO little babes to dress! How was your Halloween?

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